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"Content Depth" to increase your rankings

Hi guys, i`m curious what do you think about these points:

1. We have a page in position 35 and decided to rewrite from scratch. Should rank better or worse? We have a theory that in Google`s eyes this is completely new content which can hurt page ranking.

Our main idea is to rewrite the content to become more suitable for our visitors.

2. What do you think about "content depth" and do you use some tools to help you with content plan?

3. Any successful stories after using techniques regarding the "content depth" to increase your rankings like from position 50 to position 10 or something like that definitely increase SERP visibility?

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  • Benjamin James Barker: My thoughts below:1) The answer is that it could go either way, better or worse. New content won`t hurt page rankings unless it is of lower quality and less use to users than the original content. I`d also not worry about hurting rankings if you currently rank in position 35 anyway.2) Content depth is relative. I wouldn`t purposely make content longer for the sake of thinking it will rank better, chances are that just having more content on a page won`t help. It can, but it depends on the website as a whole and industry that you operate in.Longer content can sometimes screw you over even if it does help you rank better, as it can actually provide a worse experience for users and hurt you in other areas such as conversion rate.3) Rather than content depth, look at what your competitors do well that rank above you. If they have long form content, how are they structuring it? If their content is short, what about the content is useful?That`s just my opinion of course based on my experiences. I`m sure there are smarter people than I in this group that may provide alternate views on this

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