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What is Topical SEO?

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  • Moin Ahmed MK: Need Just Pro
  • Moin Ahmed MK: The Pro
  • Aydın Cakir: Let me know how it works?
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Pretty much all of the power in SEO has always been "topical" SEO. The only real difference now is that Google is much better at it so there isn`t as much benefit in non topical links.

    What that means is that a link is valuable if it`s showing some sort of relevance between the two pages involved in the link. A link from a page about "goldfish" to a page about "drag racing" is pretty useless - unless, of course, there is some connection about the two things that the linking page is trying to show (in the content near the link on the linking page).

    Because your supporting articles are going to be talking about the ideas expressed on your "money page" (or at least one of the ideas on it, anyway) those links have more value because it gives context to everything.

    It`s a bit more comprehensive than that - but that`s the general gist of it.
  • Zawar Kamal: Best explanation!!!
  • Ryan Jones: better question, what isn`t topical SEO? doesn`t everything have a topic? same with what`s a money page? these are all just random buzz words that really don`t mean anything.
  • Frank Watson: I much prefer tropical seo

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