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Site Kit by Google

Anyone used (or heard of) this? It`s a Google plugin for WordPress.

Site Kit by Google

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  • Michael Martinez: I HAVE heard of it. I never used it. Why? "Because we like you, M O U S E". I don`t know. There are so many SEO plugins available right now it`s hard to motivate myself to test another.
  • Tim Capper: I agree with Michael + having a quick look all it does is bring in the stats that we already have and use in GA & GSC.

    So i guess the question would be - how slick or heavy is the plugin.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Saw something a while back. Haven`t tried it (by looks, no one has yet, they`re still just putting folks on a wait list). As Michael says - it just looks like it brings all your tracking data to one place.

    The one feature it doesn`t really describe, but that might be useful is to be editing a specific page on the site and being able to see information about it. Looking at a page and seeing that it has high traffic or low traffic, big or small bounce rates, where it`s funneling people to, and so on might be useful. But, I don`t even know if it actually does that.

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