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Google`s privacy policy on our site

I hope you guys don`t mind an internal search question on an SEO forum! 

We`re contemplating running Google Custom Search on our site (again) and noticed they are now requiring us to put a statement about Google`s privacy policy on our site and to link to it.

We`re not sure we want to do that.

Anyone dealt with Google on this side of the search world?

We are curious as to what sorts of specific data Google is collecting about users on our site.


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  • Stockbridge Truslow: If you do any business in Europe you should already have all this in compliance with the GDPR. If you do any business in California, you`ll need to do this soon to meet the CCPA requirements (though that might take another year or two to sort itself out).

    I`m not a lawyer and, from what I can see, it`s not really even possible to be 100% compliant with GDPR - but you really do need to be doing your best to understand it and do what you can. If you`re using analytics, you need to explain that you use them and inform them about what`s collected (same as what Google`s asking you to do for using their search). Any other tracking, same deal. And if you`re collecting email addresses from contacts and keeping that info - the person must be informed too.

    In the US, it`s not so critical now since we don`t have these laws, but if you have customers from the EU - you fall under their jurisdiction. If you don`t - you can put it off a bit longer and maybe (again, I`m not a lawyer) maybe be safe for a bit.

    Here`s what Google Collects:
    Don`t worry - it`s less than 100 pages.

    With ADA lawsuits and GDPR and all the other things going on, the days of just being able to slap together a web page and call it a day are fleeting fast. You (or someone on your team) needs to be up to speed on these things - and probably not someone on the tech side, but the legal side of the business.
  • Linda Caplinger: yes, we do business in EMEA and APAC. So it all applies to us. Thanks for the link....I wade through it to see if I can find what I need.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Search around for GDPR Compliance, too. There are some primers and general checklists that will give you the info on what you need to do.
  • Linda Caplinger: We have a whole boatload of folks working on that, but they are not happy about Google Custom Search requirement to add into our Privacy Policy a snippet about Google`s Privacy Policy.
  • Michael Stricker: for a personal understanding of the mechanics, I’d be looking up GCID and Google’s “super-cookie” as well. That will augment comprehension of types of data collected from Chrome, Search, Maps, Ads, and Gmail, Assistant, and stored in user accounts. Google is already under fire in EU for privacy issues, so comply or... forget it. : )
  • Linda Caplinger: Thanks Michael!
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Agreed, - but honestly, as a web developer I don`t have to know what is being collected as much as I need to know how to (try to) be compliant with GDPR. EVERYONE should look up those things you`re talking about - but that`s for themselves.

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