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Reliable rank tracker

Can someone suggest me of a reliable rank tracker that refreshes ranking daily (for both desktop and mobile ranking) Want to track about 100 keywords daily. Better if it comes with a one time deal or low recurring fees. Thanks.
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  • Kortni Remer: SEM Rush
  • Ajay M Verma: Thanks but I need just a low-price rank tracker and not a complete seo tool.
  • Brenda Michelin: Thank you for the tip!
  • Ashish Rawat: For city wise tracking I like the most is "ranktrackr" but It doesn`t have daily ranking updates in the free trial but daily rank tracking is bad for low authority sites because sometimes Google put priority for daily search keywords according to domain authority.
  • Michael Martinez: There are NO "reliable rank trackers" anywhere in the world. It`s impossible to track rankings on modern search engines because the rankings vary by time, search device, location, operating system, search history, and other factors. The major search engines that report Average Position for your content in SERPs are the best, most reliable sources of information of this kind of data. You cannot get more accurate data than that.
  • Ajay M Verma: thanks. That was helpful
  • Ryan Jones: I use wincher. It’s pretty cheap

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