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How GSC displays pages from search results

Can anyone explain how Google Search Console displays `pages` from Search Results?

ie.. filtering for a set word in the url

How can results from 7 days be 300+


results from 3 months is less (assuming that would include the past week?) be 140+?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Michael Martinez: I cannot replicate this type of discrepancy and I tried with 2 sites. Perhaps you`re seeing something due to Google`s recent indexing and reporting bug (they appear to have been connected)?
  • Neil Cheesman: Thanks... it is annoying...
  • Neil Cheesman: Just checking I am doing everything right
    Search Console >>> Search Results >>>
    Pages >>> Filter Rows >>> Pages >>> Filter Contains "abcd"
    = last 3 months 146
    = last 7 days 307
  • Michael Stricker: Apr 9–25 data issue
  • Neil Cheesman: Also curious - is that for the past 7 days - although indexed (and in GA), only about a third showing in GSC... I need to double check where they are in the serps but on the surface it appears quite a few (several hundred) that are displaying in GA but no in the Search Console...
  • Michael Stricker: GSC displaying only data on Canonical now, and losing insights into rare impressions, and... what a pain.
  • Michael Martinez: I`ve spent more time in GSC than I care to over the past couple of weeks. In my humble opinion it`s a train wreck but Google won`t fully admit to that.

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