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What does Silo`ed structure mean in SEO?

What exactly does Silo`ed structure mean in SEO?
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  • KJ Subz: Please explain without using the word `silo` whatever they are.
  • KJ Subz: Please simplify
  • KJ Subz: brilliant! I got it now. Basically nested structure (tree trunk, branches, sub-branches down to the leaves).
  • George G.: yes. you can also interlink between the `branches` where it makes sense. And Merry Christmas
  • Benj Arriola: KJ Subz that’s right, nested with branches... now the silos in those branches are like in columns of the same topic. The silo is a group of pages that are related or talk about the same thing. Another silo will be on another topic... and so on...
  • KJ Subz: George G. Awesome I got it now! Merry Xmas to you too.
  • KJ Subz: you explain it rather well. It`s clear beyond any shadow of doubt!
  • Jamie Barrett: it’s a good idea to link back to your homepage too from the bottom pages
  • KJ Subz: very informative that! Makes eminent sense. Good to know Google values it immensely!
  • Kortni Remer: Bruce Clay really has some great stuff on it. Here is a good place to get started.
  • Michael Martinez: Silos are also called sections, categories, sub-sites. They don`t confer any SEO advantages over other ways of organizing large websites. Their chief benefit is in helping people quickly understand what they will find on a site, but many sites break the promise of categorization by assigning pages to multiple categories, tags, labels, etc. It is okay to do that as long as you don`t make it confusing. Some sites break categorization with multifaceted (dynamic) navigation schemes. You often find those schemes in ecommerce. Siloing is a useful method for keeping things simple, which is helpful when you are not sure about how to prioritize complex content structures.
  • Andrew Simpson: Also found hub and spoke pages very effective...
  • Scott Cooney: Yeah there are silos or clusters. Human proof designs explains it in depth.

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