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Strategy to build link for a new blog


I know content quality matters a lot but we can not deny that links also play an important role, I would like if you can guide me what strategy I should adapt to build link for a new blog with few posts. I am adding contents more and more.

Thank You.

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  • Michael Martinez: Link building starts on your own site. Don`t use "noindex" or "nofollow" on internal pages (including archive index pages) just because you see people advising everyone to do that. Think about what you want the search engines to find, index, and display in search results. Link to those pages from your other pages. Use POSITIVE linking structure rather than NEGATIVE linking structure. Beyond that, share your posts on social media and create shareable content so that more people help you promote your blog. Be responsive to feedback. Answer questions. Create the kind of Website you enjoy visiting and reading. Ask your friends to mention your blog on their own sites or in Web forums they participate in, where it`s appropriate to do so. Focus on creating what people WANT to link to. Leave the external link building for later, after your content has proven its worth to others. You`ll find it`s easier to ask for links that way.

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