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Important on-page SEO tasks

I plan to improve my website - and i know i have never wrote any meta descriptions for the 150 pages i have. I was going to dedicate the next few days to getting them all written up individually. I noticed google has automatically scraped/used the text within my H1`s - my question is ...should i bother doing this job or is there something else i should concentrate on. ?

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  • Justin Mager: Yes still complete your HTML markup up as normal. Google is not the only Search Engine. Also look at implementation of Structure data mark up as well.
  • Craig Anthony: thank you for the info - i believe i need to have a TOS page and contact page , about page - privacy page before i do that ? is that correct ?
  • Michael Martinez: If you don`t like the descriptive text snippets Google is using then writing your own meta descriptions gives them something else to consider. There is no guarantee they will use a page`s meta description for all queries where it appears, but some people feel they get a return on that investment. You may see improved click-throughs (rankings won`t change).
  • Craig Anthony: cheers michael

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