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URL structure and Breadcrumbs

Been awhile since I`ve dealt with a scenario like this, so wanted to get some thoughts.

Background: Building a site for a client, and from a navigational perspective we`ve had to organize a Resources section as a sub item of their "Company" section (the latter of which is represented in top nav - the former of which appears in a pop up menu). This Resources section will have children handling Whitepapers, Case Studies, Vids, Blog, etc.

Two questions, one about URL structure the second about Breadcrumbs.

My gut was, that even though Resources is a sub of Company in the nav, from a URL perspective, still hang it off the root instead of at /company/resources/. Just wanted to get opinions on that. In my mind was just trying to avoid having /company/resources/whitepapers/, and that pathing getting overly-long (from a ux perspective as much as pure seo perpective).

Second question... if I go that approach. Should breadcrumbs, for Resources (and the things under it)... have "company" represented in the trail (ie reflective of the navigational structure)... OR should it reflect the `simplified` pathing of the URL structure (which is actually the default WP behavior happening).

Thanks... everyone have a safe and happy new year!

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  • Michael Martinez: Only include useful pages in breadcrumbs and URLs. If you mean "company" is empty or filler, I would not use it.
  • Srinath Rangaswamy: I would use the resources as a hub page with snippets of each resource. So my preference is to opt for former.

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