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I just did a super dumb thing for local SEO

Okay, I just did a super dumb thing for local SEO. I rented out 2 mailboxes that have suite #`s. The main reason is that I work 2 completely separate businesses from home and I would like to have a contact address on my websites, but don`t want to use my home address.

So, when I changed it in GMB, they suspended both my accounts (b/c it goes against their policy of listing an address that isn`t where your office is located) and I`m just going to revert to putting my service area again.

My question is that I still would like to have an address on my websites, how much will that affect local SEO if the address is not being shown on GMB.

These are not local based businesses. One is national and the other is national & international. Thanks so much for your suggestions! For some reason, this address thing has been a thorn in my side.

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Diego Savino: Why would you care about your GMB address if they are not local biz?
  • Rajam Roose: So it wouldn`t matter then if the addresses on my website aren`t listed on GMB then b/c I`m not focusing on local?
  • Rajam Roose: Overthinking is one of my strong suites.
  • Diego Savino: I don`t think so.
  • Alex T. Besaw: she still might wanna show up in the maps
  • Diego Savino: Driving directions to a mailbox?
  • Rajam Roose: Nah, I don`t need to show up in the maps except as a service area b/c my business covers all the states and international.
  • Michael Martinez: It`s okay to have an address on your Websites. The GMB policy is only for the directory listing.
  • Noah Lopata: You can still rank well with a hidden address on GMB while displaying it on your website and citations
  • Rajam Roose: The addresses are different though. I don`t want to display my home address so am using mailboxes, will that matter? The sites are doing well for their niche audiences already, so I don`t want to screw it up.
  • Doc Sheldon: My understanding is that if you are using service area, the mailing address can be whatever you like.
  • Srinath Rangaswamy: Why did you choose
    to do a super dumb thing ?
    You have a lot to lose,
    if you choose to open mailboxes for SEO Juice.
    Was it the follow links in your booze
    or the fun times you had on that Alaskan Cruise?
    All I can advise is to sign a truce
    So that Big G can pardon and cut you loose.
    Don`t ever try to kill the golden goose,
    Suspension`s not worth it says wise old `Maps` Moose.

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