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URL not in sitemap

URL not in sitemap

So after finally getting my site on GSC I`m being indexed when I write new posts, but why is it saying the URL is not in my sitemap?



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  • Brenda Michelin: What SEO Plugin do you use?
  • Brenda Michelin: It was just added to your sitemap on the 27th. The bots do not crawl your site everyday, sometimes not everyweek or every month. What you CAN do, is submit a new URL or any URL that you want indexed. to the URL INSPECTION TOOL in the new GSC.
    You can also resubmit your sitemap.
  • Michelle Korn: Right, I know that, but it said it was indexed which I thought meant it was on the SE.

    So I`m not supposed to be looking at whether it was indexed, but rather whether it`s added to my sitemap?

    I use Yoast.

  • Brenda Michelin: Indexed is more important. You don`t really care how they got to the URL, as long as the bots got there. Eventually, the sitemap will be refreshed in Google. The xml sitemap is just a directory of URLs that you WANT google to index. So don`t sweat it. Just resubmit your sitemap file.
  • Michelle Korn: Ok, so I should ONLY care about the indexing.

    Got it LOL

  • Rakibul Hasan Rakib: don`t worry next week you will see

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