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How do you guys rank for low competition keywords?

How do you guys rank for low competition keywords? from what sites do you usually get your backlinks?
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  • Michael Martinez: You don`t always need backlinks, especially not for low competition keywords. For 20+ years I`ve focused on creating the kind of content I would want to find in search, which is usually better written and more informative than what I find in low competition terms.
  • Mark Aaron Francisco: Thank you so much
  • Ameet Chhimpa: Its the truth that has deep message by far!

    If one can understand your statement, then its super easy to rule over search engines at large.
  • Michael Stricker: Build those pages in sensible clusters with ample and logical inter-linking, to demonstrate some usefulness and topical depth.
  • Philip Rinaldi: For low competition keywords, you can usually conquer the first page having a well optimized Title, URL, and H1 tag. Be aware that Google no longer ranks long tail content higher than medium tail. Most people will go after low competition, long tail, keywords....instead be sure to focus your content around the Medium tail! To find backlinks, use a tool that finds the backlinks of competitors. Usually those websites will link to your content as well. Hope that helps!

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