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Cached version of the page returns an error

Does any one have answer to this weird issue?

1) site:domain.com says that the pages are well indexed but if I try to check last cached version of the page, it returns an error.

2) Every time I do site:domain.com it shows a different number of pages indexed.

3) For some pages where checking the last cache works, it shows a different version of the page each time.

Could you please tell me what`s going on with my this new website?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Brenda Michelin: was it a clean domain?
  • Ajay M Verma: yes, it`s a brand new site and a newly purchased domain
  • Michael Martinez: The missing cache happens on and off. It`s nothing to worry about and may have been triggered by Google`s recent deindexing problem. The "hits" numbers you see at the top of search results are meaningless mumbo-jumbo. The really small numbers are sometimes accurate. The larger the numbers get the less accurate they become. You`ll have to use Google Search Console to check index coverage and live with the lag time.
  • Ajay M Verma: thanks for the detailed reply. What could be the reason for the 3rd issue? Why does Google cache show a different version of the indexed page?
  • Michael Martinez: That`s a mystery no one has been able to solve. A few people have found some canonical issues but it seems to be a symptom for several different problems.

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