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Safe way to delete pages

I deleted a few pages on my site that were already indexed.

None of them were getting any traffic, had any backlinks, and have any internal links pointing to them.

Is it necessary to 301 them to a similar page or home page or just deleting them is enough?


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  • Kortni Remer: deleting them is fine. here is a great related article I cleaned up a bunch of pages.. .redirected some and delete others and did see a good traffic boost
  • Michael Martinez: While I agree with `s reply, if your site is very large and IF the deleted pages were included in navigational links on many other pages you may see some crawl errors for a few weeks. It shouldn`t matter if you don`t redirect the URLs.
  • John Albin: Also consider installing a plugin such as Broken Links Checker if on WP, after the content audit
  • Charles Lomotey: Disavow links slowly in Google search console
  • Ajay M Verma: didn`t get u. Could u elaborate?
  • Charles Lomotey: google it Brother
  • Philip Rinaldi: Yes, you should always redirect links of deleted content. If it`s indexed and you get a click, you`ll get hurt with a high bounce rate. It also will fix any broken internal links found on other pages. Hope that helps!

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