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I use SVG for most of my images

Hi everyone,
Would it be a problem if I use most of images in my site .svg? As they`re a lot lighter than a photo, for example. Would it compromise the loading time?
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  • Ryan Jones: shouldn`t be.
  • Brenda Michelin: I think you have it backwards. SVGs are usually larger than a well-optimized jpg. BUT, for sharper resolution, you may opt to use svg.
  • Sintia Oliveira: Interesting! I thought that it would be a good idea to use svg icons (most of them are less than 10kb) instead of photos, so it would reduce loading time comparing to jpg. So you think it`s a bad idea, Brenda Michelin?
  • Brenda Michelin: Icons are not images. Yes, svgs are better for icons.
  • Michael Martinez: .svg formats are least efficient for photos but for any vector-drawn line art they are usually a better choice than .jpg formats. If your image files are very small (less than 50K) it should not matter in most cases.
  • Sintia Oliveira: Thanks . My images (optimized) are around 200-300k (I have one that is 500k). How would that be?
  • Michael Martinez: While probably okay for desktop users, that would be rough for mobile users. You might want to experiment by saving your images in different file formats and comparing appearance and download time. We can only help you so much with personal preferences and standard explanations about which formats are best used for what.
  • Sintia Oliveira: Got it, at least now I know that I`ll have to test different file formats and see how it goes. Thanks for your explanation.

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