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Internal linking strategy

I just purchased Screaming Frog and I was checking in the Visualisations but can’t properly understand them. Does anyone have a sample graph that shows the best internal linking strategy. My website structure is somewhat like a few bogs and a few service pages. What’s the best way to organize my site structure?
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  • Michael Martinez: How would you want to use the site if you landed on it and wanted to explore it?
  • Ameet Chhimpa: The best question to get things started!
  • Zawar Kamal: If the visitor is landed on the homepage I want him to go through the service pages and if he/she likes the service they can contact us via contact form that is on every page. If they landed on a blog post I still want them to read the blog post but navigate to the service page related to that blog post and afterwards they can contact us
  • Michael Martinez: Not really what I meant. Think of the curious visitor who isn`t there to make a purchase visitor. Think of the curious decision who is there to learn as much about your business as possible. Assume they click on 10 pages. Also, assume they do NOT land on the home page first. Never assume a visitor lands on the home page first for SEO.
  • Zawar Kamal: I mentioned a second scenario as well for blog posts and there are many others but those two were important and the third one is if they land on a service page. We’re not selling out any products we just want our website visitors to contact us related to that service.
  • Zawar Kamal: I’ll post a screenshot of my site structure in a few minutes maybe that’ll help you understand what I mean
  • Michael Martinez: Really no need for that. Try to think about your site outside your own expectations. To design good navigation, you need to traverse your site on the assumption that you want to know what the next page you click on will show you.
  • Michael Martinez: "We’re not selling out any products we just want our website visitors to contact us related to that service." <- You are selling service. The service pages are your product pages.
  • Philip Rinaldi: The best internal link structure brings your most important pages to a 1 or 2 page depth; meaning search engine bots shouldn`t need to jump more than 2 pages from your Homepage to find your best content. Hope that helps!
  • Michael Martinez: That`s not exactly what the search engineers want. A bot may enter a site from any page due to external links. It`s better to think in terms of "do I have any pages that are more than 3-4 clicks from any page with inbound links from other sites". There is no "front door" or "home page" on a Website as far as a crawler is concerned.

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