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The best way to explain SEO to my grandparents

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  • Dustin Sedlacek: SEO is like a club, the more qualified you are the more likely you are to get in. If you have references that is even better. If a leader is a reference that is even better.
  • Ben Loth: that is a good one
  • Dave Elliott: It`s getting websites to the top of Google.
  • Prince Molak: Buy them Alexa. Tell them afterwards that you are one of those people feeding it with what to say.
  • David Kutcher: "You know when you `Google` something to search for it online? I help it get found, show up first, and help businesses get more sales as a result"
  • Jennifer Antoun: Digital website marketing
  • Eric M. Hoover: Just tell them you work for Google, that’s what my parents think (I’ve never told them that for the record)
  • Jeff Ferguson: “Remember the phone book? SEO is like if you got to control the White Pages beyond alphabetical order.”
  • Dan Thies: If they use search engines, it’s pretty easy. You help people show up in the search results. Same thing works for non-limited search marketers.
  • Roger Montti: Don`t. Just say web design.
  • Jenny Halasz: "I work with computers"
  • Roger Montti: I just answered why a relative`s GMAIL stopped working. No, it`s not the router. You`re logged out. You have to log back in. :P
  • Jared Anwyl: Well I gotta recommend Jenny`s but otherwise improving websites places in search results.

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