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More about Canonical

Hi SEO pros, got a question or could be a silly one but I cannot understand this:

A: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/real-estate-seo…/208978/

and then

B: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/real-estate-seo-tips/

Both have the same content and B uses rel=canonical pointing to A making URL A rank higher in the SERPs. But, why? I think the numbers at the end of the URL A is the News ID number, correct me if I am wrong. But couldn`t this be done with one set of URL. WHy were two pages created and does this have any ranking influence? Alan Bleiweiss

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  • Jobin John: Jim Munro Would really appreciate if you could add this to the next YouTube episode discussion. Thank you.
  • Jim Munro: We try to make sure that every question is loaded for the weekly HangoutonAir and, if loaded, it will be discussed. I don`t notify them all here as my notification changes the feed order and pushes the new questions down.
  • Dan Thies: There are a lot of reasons why a CMS creates more than one URL for a document. Canonical makes that less of a problem because it lets search engines see both as the same document.“At the end of the day” they’re ranking documents, not URLs.

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