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Is there any tool can peep into competitor`s traffic source?

Is there any tool can peep into competitor`s traffic source "by devices"?

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  • Anthony Cioci: Following
  • Michael Martinez: There are no reliable third-party traffic reporting tools. So if you`re willing to live with guesses you could extrapolate using an advertising network keyword estimator and a third-party ranking reporter. Not worth the time and effort, in my opinion, because most people don`t click on the first listing in the majority of queries AND their click patterns change over time for many reasons.
  • Jacob Fitzpatrick: https://www.nachoanalytics.com
  • Michael Martinez: Okay, so the Website is making promises it doesn`t keep. They collect data from opt-in users and extrapolate. In other words, Nacho Analytics is not an accurate tool (for measuring traffic to sites that don`t share their data with them). You would not be able to use it to see MY sites` analytics, for example, because I don`t share that data. https://www.nachoanalytics.com/how-it-works
  • Michael Stricker: Similar claims are made for SpyFu, I believe, and SimilarWeb estimates traffic sources but can be at wide variance with no means of verification.
  • Jacob Fitzpatrick: Michael Martinez I don’t use or endorse the product. I heard about it in an interview with the founder at a SEO conference. Where on their site does it say anything about “opt in data” as far as I understood their only drawl back was it was only reporting desktop traffic/data. I’ve herd of investors using it to predict market changes from signups and unsubscribes. They could see how many people hit Amazons “sorry to see you go page” and take action before the market fluctuated.
  • Michael Martinez: Jacob Fitzpatrick I am confident they could use the data for predictive analysis. But the title displayed in the Facebook excerpt (over which you have no control) alarmed me. I was not trying to criticize you.
  • Benj Arriola: Traffic alone has no way to get the numbers from your competitors. Traffic sources are just as hard.Like what Michael Martinez was saying, everyone is just estimating things.…Lihat Lainnya
  • Jay Lo: Thank you everyone for your insightful input !

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