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if you change content everyday, can that help or hurt local SERPs?

If you change web copy every day, can that help or hurt local SERPs?

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  • JL Faverio: how`s this... what do you tell a client who wants to change Home page copy multiple times a week?
  • Alex T. Besaw: why would he want to change home page? Tell him you`ll write blog articles for him instead of changing the home page.
  • Tim Capper: So what does he want to change monthly, weekly, daily ?The business does not change, but if its special offers or promotions fine, then use offer blocks, but not the home page body copy.You could tell him Gbot does not visit every day, so there is no point in doing it and also because Gbot does not see it daily there is no way to measure its effectiveness either
  • Michael Martinez: Every blogger who publishes multiple posts per week - displaying those posts (or excerpts) on their home page - changes their home page several times a week. I don`t worry about it. What I worry about is how the site represents what the client wants the public to see.
  • Francois-Pierre Marcil: Tim Capper Google does visit frequently updated pages daily when they have enough equity/quality.
  • Jobin John: Depends on the type of change, you wish to make. Google does recommend updating your website content on a regular basis to ensure the latest information is provided to the visitors, so, if you are editing the indexed pages and adding new content to it then I would say it`s a good thing but if you are completely changing the website copy like deleting tags and changing meta description etc. this would not be a wise move as rankings could rise or decline on a regular basis and it would be tough to analyze what made it fall or rise.
  • Michael Stricker: Aye, daily wholesale changes of majority of copy / meta / structure may be best suited to deals and offers, news, sports scores, financial announcements — you know, Quality Deserves Freshness territory. Difficult to see how this regard or expectation from Google would suit a local site... unless it is local news.
  • Travis Bailey: I would tend to agree with Jobin, on this. There`s usually nothing wrong at all with fresh original content. But big changes can mean.... big changes. ;) If it`s a small section, that isn`t really targeted - give it a shot and see how it goes. Just let the client know you`re in uncharted territory, as every situation has some degree of uniqueness about it. It`s not likely that something like changing some copy for a promotion will have a huge effect, though.

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