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Spammy comments backlinks from 25 domains

On my new website one of my page got 2472 spammy comments backlinks from 25 domains, not done by me. What should I do? Simply removing that page will avoid penalty? P.S. I know about Google Disavow Tool but it`s slow and doesn`t help in most cases.
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  • Dave Elliott: disavow with a comment in the file that they have been disavoved due to a negative seo attack. About all you can do, i wouldn`t reccomend no-indexing the page presuming it provides organic traffic....also, apologise to everyone you`ve ever wronged :D
  • David Harry: Eh? Disavow the 25 domains. Not sure why you`d think it doesn`t help
  • Ryan Jones: Under the new penguin, most spammy links are just ignored now. I wouldn`t worry about a disavow unless I get a manual penalty. I don`t think disavowing these links will help in any way - but I also don`t think it will hurt.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Toka, disavowing bad links is NOT a pure way to "get back ranks" if those ranks were artificially propped up by those links. Removing artificial signals also requires replacing those with stronger, more trusted signals.
  • Adam John Humphreys: I`d just focus on putting out good content and getting authoritative links, citations from relevant resources. Google`s likely reluctant to publish which links are garbage because it allows us to know what`s spammy adjusting accordingly. Thus, they discounted and don`t disclose. You have to really screw up bad to get a manual review.
  • Jim Munro: Please don`t crosspost, Toka. Pick one group at a time, please.

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