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Does anybody know a good tool to find synonymes and LSI keywords?

Hi, does anybody know a good tool to find synonymes and LSI keywords?
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  • Emy Ahmad: https://lsigraph.com/
  • Dragomir Victor: Thank you
  • Alan Bleiweiss: LSI is not an SEO thing. It`s a myth perpetrated and maintained by people who don`t fully understand how advanced SEO works. Bill Slawski can give you links to a variety of content on the subject.
  • Dragomir Victor: Do you mean that you don`t need LSI keywords because there are naturally integrated in text by simply writing about the context?
  • Steve Gerencser: Take a read at what Bill Slawski wrote just a few days ago. http://www.seobythesea.com/2018/01/google-use-latent-semantic-indexing/
  • Dragomir Victor: Thanks Steve
  • Bill Slawski: I need to write something about the problem with adding text to content that a computer has no idea of whether or not it is related in meaning.. There are ways that a search engine might, but if you just add words to a page hoping that since they are semantically related, it might help with rankings. doing that might be as non-helpful as keyword stuffing. I need to write a new post about the problem with adding semantically meaningful content to a page, when Google doesn`t know what those words mean.
  • Steve Gerencser: For the record, as far as I`m concerned, LSI has become a marketing term to convince people that don`t know the details of LSI, that their LSI thing is better for some reason. All these are, are keyword generators. Period. But no one needs another keyword generator, but and LSI Keyword generator, now that makes it cool again. Keyword generators have been around for a very long time. Overture for the old people, Google AdWords, Bing, Wordtracker and on and on and on. While in the grand scheme of things it doesn`t really matter what you call a keyword research tool, this has become an issue of accuracy in naming and describing items, tasks and options. The issue is that a lot of us throw terms and names around with little regard for what they actually mean in favor of being cool with the latest marketing jargon.
  • Ryan Jones: LSI is an information retrieval technique that basically analyzes a set of documents and the terms they contain. Without the set of documents, it doesn`t really work. SO i`m not sure what this question means. You can use it to compare a bunch of documents, but with regard to just one page or one keyword - it doesn`t make any sense.
  • Ryan Jones: LSI is basically fancy math to see that "car" and "auto" are the same thing. That doesn`t mean you need to include "auto" on all your "car" pages to rank.

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