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Long rich semantic content for a construction site

I want to write some long rich semantic content for a construction site, but every keyword I research has huge brands like HGTV, This Old House, and others dominating the SERPs. Any advice?

I know the traditional route would be to write more Long Tail content, but what I am really asking is...

Is it worth it to write a huge article with 50+ tips around "Tips on Hiring the Right General Contractor" when I would be competing with HGTV and my site`s DA is only 35?

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  • Stockbridge Truslow: As long as the "Tips" are something you can talk about a bit and not something you can answer in a few sentences... here is the way to go. Make a huge "category" of 50 tips. Break those tips down into smaller subcategories of tips - 8-10 per category. Then give each tip on an individual page (unless the answers are so short that you can`t warrant a page). Make sure each index page on the way down to the tips has a nice title and snippet of the content. This will let people search for the broad topic of your tips land on the main page. The people searching for a more specific set of things (this is where your choice of sub categories is important) land on one of those pages, and then someone who wants a specific answer to a specific question will get right to their question and answer. If the tips are shorter - still don`t make a single article. Break them down into logical groups (by topic - or subject or whatever. Some logical grouping that someone might be looking for). Then just have one index of the 5-6 articles with around 8-10 answers in each. Or 8-10 articles with 5 or 6 answers each. This is how you build semantic context - by showing how topics relate to each other and working from broad scope down toward specifics.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Helped a small client site beat out the big sites in their market focus for many phrases. Required "expert article" level efforts over a year long process. All organized at a refined level for topical organization.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: And when you DO get your client to the top, there`s also cases where entirely UNRELATED nonsense takes over. Like in this case. "Trust Issues" is a psychology phrase. Yet one hit song and forget about it. Lost the featured snipped and probably won`t get it back in my lifetime.
  • Vitaliy Dimitrovich Vinogradov: Most of those sites don`t have links for their inner pages, they are fairly easy to beat out. I constantly outrank huge sites with links to inner page content and including videos in articles to keep people on page longer
  • Roger Montti: Semantic content?
  • Arsen Rabinovich: Everything Alan said 💯🔥. Cover the topic in its entirety, establish your client as an expert in his/her field, and you will win!

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