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I don`t want to have duplicate content

WOP WOP HELLO! Things are progressing steadily and I can see my mindset changing thanks to your feedbacks. Here is my new Issue! :)

Lets say I sell:

Shoe laces (sub topic)

Sneakers (main topic)

Boots (main topic)

Now boots and sneakers are both shoes.. and the shoe laces I sell categorize under both. I write an amazing article about shoe laces and one about sneakers and one about boots.

Now I want people who search for Boots shoe laces and people who want sneaker shoe laces

So I prefer



But I don`t want to have duplicate content so somehow I must categorize the shoe laces article under both Sneakers and Boots. Is there a way to do this which is clear in googles eyes?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Danny Dekker: PS these fictional shoe laces I sell are perfectly identical for both boots and sneakers
  • Dave Elliott: I`d sit it in its own folder called footwear-accessories And then in the title menton both boot and shoe. And make sure I had an h2 of how do I tie a shoe lace? and one of how how to I tie boot lace? (I tie boots differently to my shoe and differently to my kicks so youd get away with that....Although I`m guessing this article isn`t about laces )To try and pick up answer box stuff.
  • David Harry: /accessories/laces/boots would be my call...
  • Danny Dekker: It is an example like Dave spotted. It took some time but I`ve worked a possible solution with wordpress but I dont know what google thinks about it. I hope the picture is clear. Would love to hear if anyone thinks this can be bad or if there is a more google-friendly way

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