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SEO that will actually deliver results

Hello guys,

I have recently been trying to get a some keyword ranking SEO work done. I`ve hired 3 SEO "experts" so far who have completely failed to deliver what they promised. It is burning a hole through my pocket at this point. Not sure where to turn at this point :/

The page I`m trying to rank is an amazon product page if you`re wondering. (Should be easier and faster to rank than a normal new website)

Does anyone have any good recommendations on where you can get google keyword ranking SEO that will actually deliver results?


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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Daniel Barbour: Ranking an amazon product page? Not your own website?
  • Chris Ané: Yes, we do most of our sales through amazon and the advantage is that an Amazon page is 1000 times easier to rank than our website
  • Mire Colin: Hey, Chris Ané‎ can you tell me keywords volume and how much research in per mins ?
  • Tim Capper: I wrote this a long time ago, but it should help you with some tips for Amazon -
  • Scott Clark: On behalf of our industry I wanted to chime in and state my regret you`ve had this frustration. It seems unthinkable to have had *three* fail you, making me wonder what they had in common. I don`t want to hijack the thread though.
  • Chris Ané: I think they were just trying to get a cash grab and didn`t actually know what they were doing.

    I had literally 0 keyword rank movement in the 3 months I hired each of them. Luckily I got refunded by paypal for 2 of them

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