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Restructuring a terrible page hierarchy

My client has resources, resources new and blog page that`s all serving the same purpose of displaying blog posts.

I`d like to delete the blog page as it has a terrible hierarchy as opposed to the resources page, but what would the effect on traffic be?
  1. If I delete the blog page and keep the resources page?
  2. If I delete the resources new page and just keep the resources page?

90% of their traffic is just to one article which isn`t really a KW that`s important to them so I`m not afraid of losing traffic.

But just trying to understand this.

P.S. I checked using GSC they no index their category pages and have no traffic to these pages
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  • Michael Martinez: Just because a page gets no traffic doesn`t mean it`s not contributing to the site`s overall search performance. The noindexing of category pages is not necessarily a good thing because it eventually chokes off crawl and the flow of PageRank-like value. It sounds like the blog could already be so constrained that removing the duplicate Posts pages will just kill the flow of PageRank-like value altogether. Sort of like allowing fruit to wither on the tree. In which case, purging it probably won`t matter one way or the other.
  • Mark X Quadros: Ok, but isn`t it better to just have one page as the blog rather than 3?
  • Michael Martinez: Normally, but in this case the duplicate indexes might be helping more than hindering. You`ll only find out if you make a substantial change one way or another. And it could take months for any changes to impact the site`s search referral traffic. Without looking at the blog or knowing the company`s business objectives I can`t really suggest a strategy.

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