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My website is not searchable on google

Our website
Is not searchable on google
Can any one check and tell me what to do .thanks

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  • Bjornen Nilsson: First thing to do is research about keywords and what not, making the content good. Once you have that, activate google analytics and add the tracking script to your site.

    Those two things are "step one".
    Then it all depends on what kind of business you have and what you need to track / monitor and what services you need (analytics, search console etc).

    Sounds like you need to read a bit about this before going any further.
  • Bjornen Nilsson: Edit on what I just said;
    If the site is not searchable, it might just be that you have turned off SEO or indexing.

    If using WP, check the settings and check for a robots.txt file on the server.

    If all of that is not an issue, make sure the tracking works and that the domain is confirmed and validated and that you have uploaded a site-map.

    Basically, troubleshoot step by step. Step one: search like this:

    and check the results.
  • Bjornen Nilsson: You can read more here:
  • Arslan Butt: thanks for your reply. It`s on WordPress. Designer made it 3/4 months back .He did not connect that website with Google console or analytics .I connect it last week
  • Arslan Butt: I put meta keywords and installed SEO yoast
  • Arslan Butt: When I put url site open but web is not searchable in Google
  • Eva Brown: Did you submit your website in GWM tool?
  • Arslan Butt: yes with console and analytics last week
  • Arslan Butt: This site is active since 3/4 months but I connect with console etc last week
  • Eva Brown: Did you violate any terms of Google?
  • Eva Brown: Then try with Site dork on Google.
  • Arslan Butt: ok thanks
  • E Dieter Martin: Try this search on Google
    It shows 29 of your pages, which means Google has you indexed. Now you just need to find the right keywords somebody might find you under. I can imagine that "International Medical Institute" is to broad a search term since there are plenty of them around the world. Even adding Kyrgyzstan won`t help, if you don`t mention your country on the site.
  • Eva Brown: 29 or 26?
  • Eva Brown: Yes, I agree with the comment. If you are trying to search it on specific keyword, may be your keyword is not on the right position yet.
  • Arslan Butt: thanks
  • Arslan Butt: thanks I will focus on keywords now
  • Donita Fowler: Have you requested google to index your site?
  • Arslan Butt: yes through console

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