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Internal links with same anchor text

Suppose, I have total 50 pages in the website

And /page-1 have internal links in 10 pages with same anchor text.

If I add /page-1 link in rest of 40 pages with same anchor, will it help in ranking?


in short - Link juice still works for internal links?

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  • Stockbridge Truslow: I guess it depends upon what you mean by "link juice".

    Google treats different kinds of links very differently - and yes, PageRank (the more modern version) passes through all of them - but that`s just a sort of measure that is affected by other things. A link in the <nav> elements give Google an idea of your information "structure" or hierarchy. Links in footers don`t pack nearly the same punch. A link within an <article> block is a contextual link where the link text and words in the same proximity to the link all carry some weight as far as context and meaning goes.

    PageRank doesn`t "Grow" in a purely internal linking scheme. So, while yes, any link DOES move it around your site - it doesn`t "add" anything to it - internal links really just control the "Spread" of it. The only way "link juice" grows is through links from other sites.
  • Michael Martinez: People need to stop using the phrase "link juice" because it`s meaningless nonsense. A link MAY pass PageRank-like value. A page MAY pass anchor text. A link MAY pass crawl. A page MAY connect another page to a "site". Different search algorithms treat links differently because they extract different information from the links and may use different additional source of information from each other.
  • Saurabh Rawat: If I do nofollow any internal link then I will not loss ranking, right?
  • Michael Martinez: Actually, that`s one of the most effective ways to shoot yourself in the foot, as far as SEO and rankings are concerned.
  • Saurabh Rawat: my nofollow internal link means - any duplicate page / non SEO page link
  • Michael Martinez: It is better to not use nofollow on internal links. It does not help SEO for other pages in any way. It causes the algorithms to take PageRank from your site. What you are describing is PageRank sculpting, which ALWAYS harms sites to 1 degree or another.
  • Saurabh Rawat: Thanks

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