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My e-commerce website is re-directing to shady URL

I`ve had several members in an online community say that my e-commerce website is re-directing to shady URL`s with several re-directs occurring. However, when I access it from my computer or mobile device, the homepage loads normally perfectly fine and have asked others around me to give it a test, and no problem. But I used another browser in incognito mode and tested it again, and now I see that it is re-directing to a shady spam URL. Can anyone confirm this? www.gransremedyusa.com What is causing this issue and how do I get rid of these shady re-directs?

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  • Jim Munro: Sadly, it looks like your site is hacked. It is conditionally-redirecting to a malware site. Generally, it`s not something you can fix yourself. Consider hiring a company like Sucuri which specialises in this sort of disaster recovery.
  • Linus Torvalds: i can help you with that i have a lot experience, just to have an idea , the best thing you can do is change our hosting provider, because that issued you can only solved with linux command line

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