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My blog posts disappeared from Google completely

Dear all, my blog posts disappeared from Google completely, they where previously present, but now cannot even be found with the "site:" search. Does anyone know where they went? 😅 It`s a wordpress blog hosted by Siteground. I took the xml sitemaps (including the posting page`s) from Siteground and added them in the Google search console, but that did not seem to help. Thank you kindly for any advise!

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  • Jim Munro: Hi . Welcome. You don`t have to but you might receive more useful answers if you provide your URL.
  • Michael Martinez: I think this is a new site? It`s normal for new content to kind of pop in and out of Google and Bing for a bit. Since you verified the site with Google Search Console, consider using the URL Inspection Tool to resubmit your blog posts for priority crawling. You only have a few of them. Otherwise, just see if you can get some friends to link to the site and be patient.
  • Jim Munro: Use the site: operator search to check all of your urls. You might find a problem in htaccess. I checked one of them last night and it 301 redirected to an image but I can`t remember which one, sorry.
  • Fabian Petersen: What helped was the fetch and render tool in Google webmaster tools. The old posts are back, the newer ones probably need more time. Thanks for all comments
  • Jim Munro: Are you sure this is the outcome you want? There`s nothing on your home page but a few navigation links.
  • Fabian Petersen: yeah there are a number of things I need to fix but it`s good it`s on Google now.

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