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Significant number of traffics drop

Hello experts!
Have you experienced a significant number of traffics drop recently?
I have an electronics based niche site, and I had around 10 keywords in the first place and many in 1-5th positions.
From around 5th December, my keywords started to lose their rankings and traffic dropped significantly.
I lost around 70% traffic in 10-11 days!

After the EAT update, I tried to fix the Trust issue, and the number of visitors increased up to 35%.
I have no idea about the most recent update (what the hell is this about!).
Earning is decreased considerably!
Absolutely no idea what to do now! And what to improve.
N.B: All of my contents are money content and a minimum number of informative contents, and so far there was no issue in ranking so far.

Did you experience the same recently?
Would you please share your strategy, what are you doing now?
Any kind of suggestion is cordially appreciated!

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Michael Martinez: Google does not use E-A-T as a ranking signal. Their updates are not about "trust", which cannot be algorithmically determined.
  • Mathias Pantalonias: Amit Kumar Roy You said you fixed trust issues - what did that involve?

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