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Creating structured data links on Google search

Does anyone know how to get the menu tabs on the google search results (see screenshot). They are tab shortcuts that link to the website. I don’t know what they are called. Any help would be tremendously appreciated. I couldn’t find anything in google my business about it.

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  • Kisha Renee Ward: Great question
  • Donita Fowler: *following
  • Maximilian Phebey: Structured data. Use any table of contents plugin to create jumpmarks. This will increase usability + can be picked up by google like in your example above.
  • Kisha Renee Ward: thank you ! Which table of contents plugin do you recommend ? Any other resources you’ve used to do this ?
  • Maximilian Phebey: Basically this plugin creates a
  • with jumpmarks to your h2 and h3 elements in your content. is a different example. Here the main nav. is an
  • . Both work :-)!
  • Maximilian Phebey: Basically you just want to check the HTML source of the elements that are shown and try to reverse engineer the code :-)!

    Hope this helps!
  • Karina Singer: Here is another link that might help you too. :)
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