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Hidden content get less weight for ranking

This page: https://cryptomaniaks.com/learn/what-is-bitcoin has hidden content (in css that opens in scrolling). I know google can crawl full content but my question is, does this type of content get less weight for ranking. If yes, could you please suggest any solution without changing the UX (or maybe changing a little bit). Thanks in advance!

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  • Michael Martinez:

    It`s not really hidden content. The styling used by the page organizes it into a scrolling box, which Google says is fine. Any random visitor will see the content. And while Googlers said for a while they MIGHT choose to not index content obscured by styling in this and other ways, they dropped that position after announcing the Mobile First Index, because many mobile Websites intentionally collapse content for small screens. What is probably still forbidden is using absolute positioning with negative coordinates to hide content from the visitor in all cases.

  • Nazmun Nahar: Thanks a lot . It makes sense.

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