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Keyword positioning in a sentence

I have a really granular question about keywords. Let`s say my keywords were Foo, Bar, and FoobToob. Consider these two sentences:

"We here at Foo Bar and FoobToob go through great lengths to provide customer satisfaction"

"We here at FoobToob go through great lengths to provide Foo for the people, and Bar for our corporate contacts."

My question is would it be stronger to keep my keywords together like in the first example OR does the keyword positioning in a sentence not matter?

My gut tells me that if they`re in the same

tag then Google shouldn`t care but please correct me if I`m wrong.


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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Corey Holmes: Also, does this group have a Discord or Slack channel?
  • Michael Martinez: It`s not as simple as one might hope. You should always use your desired keywords in as natural a way as possible, a few times in your page copy. But understand that people may naturally use those words or phrases in more than one way when they search, write, and speak. Bing and Google will document and analyze the patterns in which they encounter those words on the Web and in user queries. They will try to match user queries to documents (incorporating other signals that may be helpful). So, yes, position and proximity do matter but not because you`re trying to match some fixed algorithmic expectation. They matter because you want your on-page language to be sensible and easy to understand. The search engines are only relying on algorithms and they are not as clever as people when it comes to understanding language.
  • Rob Woods: worry about the depth and breadth of content on the page that answers the question implicit in the queries people perform when searching for foo, bar, and foobtoob more than worrying how close they appear to each other in a sentence. If that`s the only sentence on the page you many not rank well no matter how you place the words. If they are within the context of a huge piece of content, again, keyword placement that specific won`t be a factor.
  • David Ogletree: If you do b2b and b2c you need to have different sections on your website. Good SEO on front page helps but you can quickly get to a point where your wasting time when it is better spent creating new pages.

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