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Best practice to treat a seasonal page

Hi everyone,

What would be the best practice of treating a seasonal page which will be back on next year and you don’t want to lose link equity? What if 410 it?

Happy to hear and discuss different opinions on this

Thanks in advance

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  • Benjamin James Barker: If it`s seasonal why dont you just append the year on to the title tag and content and leave as it is?
  • Michalis Apk: To give some more context, it`s a sports league static page that goes around for a few months and then back on next year
  • Jason Mun: You definitely do not 410 it. 410 code means GONE. Leave it as it is and update it when the season comes around.
  • Michael Martinez: Do nothing. Keep the URL as evergreen as possible and don`t worry about it.
  • Michalis Apk: For the time being, I`ve kept it as a 200 with a message that is not available at the moment and will be back next season. I`m just curious to see what other SEOs would do in my position. If anyone got a different opinion feel free to drop it here :) Thank you all
  • Michael Martinez: My partner and I try to update seasonal pages with new content as soon as possible. We also set calendar reminders.
  • Tim Capper: We generally just remove from navigation, but leave it live.If its for Xmas - we then add a sign up section for customers to be alerted when the next seasons products are live and ready.
  • Bill Hunt: We add a countdown timer and sign up for notifications for seasonal info.

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