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How important it is to enable SSL certificate?

How important it is to enable SSL certificate in informative website only for lead capture and no ecommerce?

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  • Nick Thomas: Getting more important, its seen as a sign of security. You are asking people to signup to what they see as a unsecure site with details that could be used to defraud or spam them.
  • Edgard Burgueño Ochoa: I get the point tks for the feedback
  • Nick Thomas: No problem, and good luck.
  • Nick Thomas: Actually mention that you have SSL to ensure their information is secure, might get a few more signing up.
  • Michael Martinez: Every journalist and security "expert" on the planet is telling people to convert their sites to SSL. Sites that don`t use it are being treated as pariahs by the Web browsers. And there is a SLIGHT boost in Google`s search results when you switch over (probably to ensure the HTTPS version outranks the HTTP version of a site until the old listings drop out of the index). While HTTPS doesn`t accomplish much, if people feel safe when they visit your site that`s all part of the user experience. You still have to protect whatever data they give you regardless of whether you use HTTPS (and that has nothing to do with managing your stored data).
  • Paul Thompson: It`s still critical. A non-HTTPS website can still be abused in many ways to do harm to your visitors without you even knowing.Starting next week, Google Chrome will be adding a "Not Secure" warning in the address bar for all HTTP websites. The other browsers will follow suit shortly after.If you want to see some examples of the kind of harm that can be done to a basic, static site, security evangelist Troy Hunt has made an excellent video demonstrating them.http://ow.ly/b55E30l25t7
  • Perry Bernard: Er, guys... SSL has nothing to do with site security or protection from hacks and viruses. It has to do with data transmission security between server and browser using an encryption key. Which can just as easily carry a vuris just like a http site.
  • Edgard Burgueño Ochoa: Thanks everyone I really appreciate all your comments, point of view and advices.
  • Perry Bernard: I would use https for all sites irrespective of what data they send. Have done for 3 or 4 years now.

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