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Is Google+ a benefit for a local business anymore?

Having an internal debate in my agency here in Cali: Is Google+ a benefit for a local business anymore?

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  • Jim Munro: Tim Capper?
  • Ammon Johns: It can be, but then, so can anything else.So, if a business, or the writers within it, have an affinity for G+ and will thus find it easier to attain that benefit there than elsewhere, go for it.What I do always say though is that you shouldn`t spread too thin. It`s better to engage properly on just the 2-3 most effective platforms (for the specifics of client, case, situation, and audience), than to do a half-assed and thus effectively zero-value effort on 6 or so.So, if they have their own blog or newsletter, you have maybe 2 other platforms to pick before they start having no real depth or presence on any of them.Choose wisely.
  • Dan Thies: It doesn’t hurt so yes it helps. Not sure where it falls on priorities, but that’s going to require a local answer and a review of the local community on G+.
  • Walter Mrowczynski III: No. Google My Business is what you want.
  • Justin Brenner: Google plus sucks but it is a benefit for sure. Like saying is doing onsite a benefit? Of course the more social platforms you are on you will benefit.
  • Tim Capper: If you are actually going to use it for sure. If anything you can get images, local map integration and posts indexed faster.But, its like any social channel - how you use and what you want out
  • Perry Bernard: Don`t bother. Post using "posts" in the Google Business listing.

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