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Is it better to have multiple Authors on a single website blog?

Question about Google Authorship Mark Up:

Is it better to have multiple Authors on a single website blog?

And is it better to have a company Authorship or individual mark up?

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Answers from the Dumb SEO Questions Panelists.

  • Edwin Jonk: About multiple authorship on one page. Google can only handle one authorship at the moment and the advice is to use rel author only once. See the "Reference Link" section in the sidebar.

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  • W.E. Jonk: I don&#39;t think there is anything that is &quot;better&quot; because the authorship markup only signals to Google the relationship between the content and a real person or the author. Nothing more, nothing less.<br /><br />However on (not sure about internationalization ;-)) G can present a rich snippet or serve a snippet based on the authorship markup. Mainly webmasters stated that the presentation of the (or any) rich snippet leads to a greater click-through-rate. So I guess you want to know how to make sure the rich snippet is served on ? To be homest I don&#39;t know. But what is know is that if a well-know person has the authorship on a unknown site (like a low PageRank site) it is likely that G will serve the rich snippet [1].<br /><br />I am not sure what you mean by &quot;company authorship&quot;? I assume that the company instead of using a Google+ page is using a Google+ profile, since that is the only way to get an authroship markup for a company. With that I guess that multiple authors are contributing to that profile. First this is against Google&#39;s guidelines and personally I wouldn&#39;t recommend it. Furthermore, to me, if agent rank goes live (or a version of it) you might lose the power of the publisher and thereby shooting yourself in the foot (in the long(er) term that is) [2].<br /><br />Sadly I cannot link to a great discussion I had with  ;because he only shared it with the extended circle (which is quite large so I don&#39;t view it as &quot;private&quot;, correct me if I am wrong Masatake). But  ;did proposed a similar scheme in that thread... :(<br /><br />[1] ;<br />[2] ;
  • Masatake Wasa:  ;Which post are you referring to? I&#39;d be happy for you to copy and paste what I&#39;ve written, either in the post itself or as a comment. Extended Circles was basically what I had been using to share things more or less publicly, so I have no problems with those posts being shared, reshared, or copied and pasted.<br /><br />I think  ;has summarized the situation very well. Authorship should refer back to the Google+ profile of the actual author, and I don&#39;t think it is a good long-term strategy to make an attempt to manipulate it. Use the publisher mark-up as well, as you can place both author and publisher mark-ups.<br /><br />My opinion (which is nothing better than pure guesswork) has always been that whatever rank - author or more broadly agent - mediated by Google+ entities will be of minor importance (if at all) in organic search, but will play a noticeable role in personalized search, i.e. when the searcher is signed in to his or her Google account.
  • W.E. Jonk:  ;this one ;<br /><br />Just your random thought where I am wondering too. Really good post btw!
  • Evolve Online Marketing: Thank you so much for the information, you both covered all bases. ; I&#39;m going with your suggestions and getting the publisher mark up for our place profile, then using individual Authorship mark ups for our blog contributors.<br /><br />If you have a moment, We&#39;d be very grateful for any quick notes on our current blog and SEO for <br /><br />We have seen an increase in Alexa Rank by over 400,000 in the last 19 days simply from posting an informative 400-600 word keyword targeted blog 4 days in a row. ; When we stopped posting, I noticed our rank still increased after I installed a Google Authorship Plug. ; Any suggestions on where to go from here to increase page traffic? ;<br /><br />I ask this because our overall search impressions are up in Google Webmaster Tools, however our traffic to the page is still low.
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