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I am still not getting any traffic, what am I doing wrong?

Hi there,

What am I doing wrong?

I have spent alot of time on my SEO for my shopify store laminimas.com and I am still not getting any traffic not even for low competition long tail keywords.

Can I get some help?

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  • George G.: your onsite is all over the place. you lack focus. ask yourself these questions:- what keywords do i want to rank for?- what pages do i want to rank for the keywords above?e.g you got a page that is supposed to be ranked for - baby boy outfits. you link out from this page to a non-relevant page with the anchor `baby boy clothing`. then below you got anchor `A baby boy boutique clothing` to another non-relevant page. why?
  • George G.: also, use your blog. you have tons of articles that have no single link to a relevant place you want to rank.
  • Jim Munro: What George said above. Also, you are not supplying things that inspire confidence. The about us page could also offer a real address and information about the people/company, not the products you sell. The contact us page should never be just a contac...Lihat Lainnya
  • George G.: you need a plan. also, you need to focus your seo. ...Lihat Lainnya
  • Jim Munro: Your address is in the footer only on the home page. It`s not there anywhere else on your site. Working on your internal links would be a good idea. If you do a site:laminimas.com search, you should find that your home page is listed first. If it`s not, it`s often an indication that something is not optimal.
  • Jim Munro: There`s no point attracting traffic until you can satisfy both new and returning visitors. If you can`t deliver that experience, it`s possible that visitation might be counter-productive. Consider working on transforming your site into a buying machine...Lihat Lainnya

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