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Ads pop ups and SEO

Interstitials policy is really vague. Major sites like Forbes use preloaders prior to loading up content with quotes and an ad. We see tons of sites like NeilPatel.com (bad example) using optin monster full page pop ups to subscribe to email lists. What exactly is good vs not? Pop ups on leaving a site etc with offers for a discount etc enhance conversions. There just isn’t enough clarification here.

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  • Michael Stricker: It’s measured upon entry, not exit. After a suitable delay or an event (such as a scroll) the interstitials are no longer measured (at least as critically). To obscure content upon entry is the punishable offense, whether done by eclipsing the majority of the page, or using a darkening style to overlay the entire background. There is some leeway given necessary agreements such as age limits. Typically, a mobile interstitial that hugs the bottom of the chrome and only occupies about 20% of screen real estate will be overlooked for purposes of the update.

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