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All pages dropped out of index after HTTPS migration, why?

All pages dropped out of index, why?

Hi SEO folks...
Doing an HTTPS migration, submitted sitemap with https pages on 4/7, all of them indexed by 4/9, and then 10 days later they dropped out of index.
I know that both http and https pages were still live (finally got htaccess working correctly yesterday) but I didn`t think that was a reason to drop pages out of the index. Curently doing a site:search indicates that https:home page IS indexed, but all other indexed pages are http
Any ideas where else I should be looking?

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  • Steve Masters: I presume you have checked the robots.txt file isn`t blocking anything? Also, are the canonical links in the pages pointing to the http version?
  • Jefe Birkner: +Steve Masters
  • Jefe Birkner: +Steve Masters
  • Jim Munro: Do you have both http and https set up in the Google Search Console?
  • Jefe Birkner: +Jim Munro They are separate, as far as Google is concerned. I don`t think that a GSC account was ever set up for http, I doubt it. I was brought on-board to help months after the incomplete migration.

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