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How to use SEO actively in order to increase traffic?

Hi guys, which strategies do you suggest to implement to a client in the guns and weapons` niche? As we already know, Facebook Ads doesn`t allow this kind of Ads... I think Google AdWords also don`t allow this... So, how about SEO? How to use it actively (and properly) in order to increase the traffic? Thanks.

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  • Heather Mira: Ive seen peeps run Facebook ads for holsters - drive traffic to the website where it converts into firearm sales.
  • Jeremy L. Knauff: SEO is an obvious choice. There are also social networks that cater specifically to the firearms community.
  • David Ogletree: Google does not allow selling guns or ammo. You can however talk about guns sell gun related items like holsters and even promote gun ranges. Just make sure the landing page does not link directly to or mention the selling of guns. The same rules apply to pictures. There are quite a few ways around the rules.

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