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How important to add a different description to products?

I have a question about Product description.
On my website, I`m selling one type of products. I`m different adding Title and description meta tags for each product. But in Description, I`m adding a standard description like sizes and similar parameters.
Question - How important to add a different description to products? Will only meta description enough for this products? How Will Seach engines react to this type of content?

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  • Rebecca Lehmann: Search engines don`t use meta descriptions as a ranking factor. Google treats them as a polite suggestion at best when determining what to display as the search snippet, though, so I would write them to be highly relevant to the content and for your searcher`s eyes. If Google doesn`t think it`s relevant enough to the searcher`s query, they`ll just choose a snippet from page text. That said, at scale, similar descriptions that swap out key info dynamically are not going to wreck anything.

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