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Do I really need to use H1 tag for title?

Hi, I have a quick question:

I`m working with a 1 page site that uses only h2 tags for the section headings. Do I need to change those to h1 tags or does the uniformity of all h2 tags have the same effect as say all h1 or all h3 etc?

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  • Corey Holmes: also thanks for the group add
  • Ryan van Brunschot: Always add just 1 H1 per page. Use the H2 for sections go deeper on new sections within the h2. When you are starting about an new subject, start h2 again.
  • Perry Bernard: Whether you used H1 or H2 will make little difference. Google will see "it`s a heading" (and headings indicate relevance IF they contain relevant copy). The influence this has on your overall SEO and rank capability is minuscule compared to the fact that your site is only 1 page. That`s probably a much bigger problem.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: They have generally the same "effect" (when done improperly) but they do NOT have the same meaning. As a general rule - always try to do things both right, and consistently. Doing things improperly (like having h2`s without an H1) consistently probably won`t hurt you much at all - but doing them properly and the same way on every page can have some overall effects in other areas that many don`t consider.

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