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Canonical for two landing pages with the same content


My team setup two landing pages for PPC. They have virtually the same content, but are for two separate cities so the URLs are slightly different and there are call-outs for the location in the c2as, h1s, copy, etc. I wasn’t part of the planning, but am now taking over the account and we are ready to launch. I don’t want any duplicate content or any other penalties, so my thought would be to only use one for organic traffic.

Should I setup a rel=canonical on the one I don’t want to rank? As well as setup a directive for noindex, no follow? Or just noindex?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Michael Martinez: First, there is NO "duplicate content penalty". Second, if you`re only talking about TWO pages, the search engines won`t care. Duplicate content only becomes any kind of a problem when you have a lot of it. Third, if these are PPC landing pages you should be preventing crawlers from indexing them anyway so that your non-paid search referral traffic doesn`t distort your tracking data. So the short answer is: "Noindex" the pages to preserve the integrity of your performance data.
  • Cassy Richardson: Thank you! 🤗
  • Cassy Richardson: Noindex, follow?
  • Michael Martinez: Cassy Richardson I normaly just "noindex" PPC landing pages and leave it at that. Nothing should be linking to them anyway. But people might sometimes link to a landing page if they think it is worth discussing in a forum, so I guess "noindex, follow" would be okay.
  • Cassy Richardson: Michael Martinez here is a q&a that expresses basically the same situation I`m in. https://moz.com/.../landing-pages-for-paid-traffic-and...
  • Cassy Richardson: But I think it`s unnecessary to use both canonical and noindex...
  • Michael Martinez: Canonical declarations really only matter for indexable pages.
  • Paul Thompson: Yea, canonical and no-index are contradictions. The canonical would be ignored.

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