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Competitor-Based Keyword Research

Hi guys, when the question is "Competitor-Based Keyword Research", which tool do you think is the best: SEM Rush or Ahrefs? Can we discuss technical aspects? Thankful.

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Eric M. Hoover: These days I default to Ahrefs, I find their interface/dashboards etc much easier to manage than SEMrush, though tbh both have excellent data in my experience.
  • Nathan Veenstra: Agreed. I tried SEMrush but felt it was less intuitive than Ahrefs.
  • Dave Elliott: Competitor I go sem rush.
  • Rob Watts: I use Sem Rush too. Tends to help me paint the pictures I need. Haven’t looked at ahrefs for a while tbh mind.
  • Paulo Cesar: Hi Rob, what do you mean by "tbh" above? ;)
  • Rob Watts: Paulo Cesar to be honest 🤓
  • Jim Munro: Honesty is always appreciated here, Rob Watts. :)
  • Rob Watts: Jim Munro it’s the best policy every day of the week mate!
  • Jim Munro: 100% agreed, mate, but I have to admit that the main reason I stick to it is because I`m too old to remember what I said last time. :)
  • Rob Watts: Jim Munro haha, it’s so much easier Jim right!? 🤣
  • Jim Munro: Yep. :)
  • Dan Thies: If you want to know what keywords may be relevant for you, Adwords can give you a lot if you point the Keyword Planner at their site. That’s actionable information.If you want a sample of long tail queries that they happen to show up for, use spy tools. That’s actionable if it points out gaps in your content.
  • Rishi Lakhani: Sem rush vote here
  • Perry Bernard: I use ahrefs but run some known sites in it and compare to GSC to discover it`s shortcomings so you can regard the results more appropriately.

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