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How to measure the success of SEO?

To measure the success of SEO, what reports in Google Analytics would be the best to look at?

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  • Danielle Chan: To measure the success of SEO, what reports in Google Analytics would be the best to look at? ;
  • Rotimi Orimoloye: It used to be simpler (before the whole  ;and much more comprehensive, but now you can make do with some little data from Acquisition -> Search Engine Optimization -> Queries. You only get a few examples though.

    While you may also use Landing Pages reports (Acquisition -> Search Engine Optimization -> Landing Pages) to do some form of reverse logic to figure out which pages are doing well on search by observing the values for Impressions, average position, and clicks. ;
  • Toni Anicic: For purposes of measuring success of SEO, Google Analytics provides very little options due to not provided keywords. What you can do is track the growth of organic traffic as a whole and the success of the organic traffic (how many goal conversions you get from organic sources, or eCommerce conversion rate in case of an online store). ;

    What you really wanna track is, as + ;said, the data from your Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Rotimi Orimoloye: Oh yeah!!! I'm sorry I forgot to mention that you had to set up webmaster tools data sharing to see that data.
    Thanks ;+ ;:)
  • Danielle Chan: Thanks + and + for the tips! I'll definitely take a look. 
  • Dave Elliott: * Visitors to site/page.
    * Bounce rate on site/page.
    * Average time on site/page

    Are the main metrics to look for. As well as analysing where you get your referrals from(especially if you are active on social media).

    I barely look at keywords anymore and certainly not on webmaster tools/GA.

    The metrics I care about though are % of traffic going to the site via different keywords and if they are branded on non branded( i do this manually) and search volume vs ranking. I get this from sem rush but most can be got for the adwords tool and maths if you have to do it manually.
  • Danielle Chan: + ;Awesome, I'll be sure to review those metrics. Thank you!
  • Elisabeth Bobeck: I would recommend you spend $99 a month and get a Moz Pro subscription. It is the best money you will spend to you help you with your site, they are always looking at myself and how I compare to competition and they even make recommendations on keywords for me. ;

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