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Google is saying my page is not mobile friendly

Hey Google is saying my page is not mobile friendly what`s up?
This question begins at 00:01:56 into the clip. Did this video clip play correctly? Watch this question on YouTube commencing at 00:01:56
Video would not load
I see YouTube error message
I see static
Video clip did not start at this question


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  • Steven “abraxi-taxi” Ciccantelli:
    +​ thank hasn`t dropped me yet.
  • Steven “abraxi-taxi” Ciccantelli:
    Hmm last time with video stamp only Search Console admin could well hope it`s just a pretty sure my competitors sites are in worse shape then Mobile is making its presence I resubmit what is truly a mobile friendly I drive a taxi for goodness sake.
  • Steven “abraxi-taxi” Ciccantelli:
    Very weird on one phone using Chrome no issues other phone no Chrome issues.
  • LW SEO Solutions:
    Strange. It must be some kind of glitch. It`s not showing that it`s not mobile friendly on my phone. If it`s showing mobile friendly in GSC you should be all good. The only thing I could really imagine it being is if you`re using an old phone that had the website cached before it was mobile friendly, still not sure if it`d show that issue though. Or perhaps it`s somehow not optimized for that phone`s screen resolution. Also congrats on ranking #1!
  • Steven “abraxi-taxi” Ciccantelli:
    +​ from all the help I get here put into practice.
  • Steven “abraxi-taxi” Ciccantelli:
    Must be a cache thing since I did not see anything related here or on +

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