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Can anyone help with H1 and H2 tags

can anyone help with H1 and H2 tags etc very stuck using shopify ran a SEO audit and have some issues that need rectifying in desperate need of help

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  • Steve Wiideman: Unfortunately not a fan of shopify for exactly the type of reasons you are dealing with. Consider trying a demo of Cirkuit Commerce to see how they`ve nailed every SEO focal point you could come with, including CSE`s. https://www.cirkuit.com
  • Webado C Webada: The url?
  • Phil Louis: Left is my problem
  • Phil Louis: Heading Tags I`m new to all of this hence why i joined the group Dumb SEO Questions
  • Webado C Webada: Phil Louis You aren`t saying what the issues are with h1 and h2. Concrete examples are needed, as in a url to a page with the problem. Disguise it if you want with a url shortener, though it`s unnecessary since FB does not link directly anyway.
  • Tony McCreath: Typically you see this on a home page that does not have any heading or introductory text. You probably need to edit your template file for the home page and add a heading (H1 tag) and some content.
  • Webado C Webada: Oh, man, I cannot begin to help without seeing an actual page with this problem on the web.

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